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"SMB really understands the unique aspects of my podiatry practice. This is important because it allows me to maximize my reimbursements!" - Current SMB Medical Billing Client #podiatrybilling #podiatrymedicalbilling #podiatrybillingexpertise #podiatry #podiatryexpertise #podiatrists #medicalbilling     Unsolicited Testimonials

SMB Key Personnel
SMB Key Personnel

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About SMB

  • We have been in business since the summer of 2001.
  • Our staff has over 175 years of direct podiatry account receivable experience.
  • We are a private, family-owned and operated business.
  • Our future depends on the strength of our word, our great working relationships with your office staff and our work performance.
  • We are currently servicing over 200 podiatry practices in all CMS regions and States.

Bottom Line


SMB handles all aspects of your Medical Billing and Account Receivable business processes. From the time the Doctor fills out the Encounter forms to the time the reimbursements are in the Practice's bank account. SMB increases reimbursements without increasing the Doctor's or office staff's workloads. SMB gets you paid faster. SMB removes your hassles - arguing with insurance companies, explaining bills to patients and minimizing office politics.

Key Features

  • Podiatry-only Billing
  • Experts in all CMS Regions and States
  • All claims are reviewed by Human expert podiatry billers before the claims are submitted to the clearinghouse
  • All of SMB's employees are citizens of the USA and located in the Continental US
  • Over 200 podiatry clients
  • Over 350 Providers
  • SMB's SimplyPodiatry™ Practice Management (PM) is available to Clients at no extra cost
  • SimplyPodiatry™ Scheduler Included
  • 24/7 access to all of your Billing, Patient & Scheduling information
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SimplyPodiatry™ is ICD-10 compliant

Why SMB Medical Billing?


SMB Medical Billing only does Podiatry Medical Billing

Nothing else. This is important because it forces SMB to focus on and do one thing very well. SMB is never distracted by other types of doctors or lines of business. Others will try to convince you that they obtain additional operating efficiency by handling other types of doctors and businesses, but all it does is distract them from doing the best job they could do for you.

You have your own Personal Biller

Your personal biller gets to know, understand and learn how to work closely with you and your office staff. You do not have to explain who you are each time you contact SMB. Your personal biller has an invested interest in your success. Thus, your biller is diligently protecting your interests. And your biller is always searching for ways to increase your revenue of which they would advise you.

Humans can never be replaced in the medical reimbursement cycle

Many have tried, and all have failed. This is true for two reasons:

  1. Payors are constantly changing their reimbursement rules. Not only by plan and procedure, but also by individual areas of the country and individual patients. Why? To keep the medical practice from maximizing their reimbursements. To program and keep these rules updated in a timely fashion has been tried often, but all have failed. It is not enough to understand the reimbursement rules of a payor/procedure code, you must also allow for variations by location, patient, etc. Only human billers, who are focused and have a personal interest in maximizing the reimbursements for a Doctor, have shown to be consistently capable of being successful at this over time.
  2. SMB's in-depth experience in Podiatry Medical Billing has found that each Podiatry Practice is unique and has its own special requirements. Computer programs cannot allow for this variation in a Practice's method of operations and philosophy. Thus, without the human biller involved, the Practice suffers.

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